Hello, Hamsters! We have good news and no-so-good news. First and foremost, the good news: it’s looking like Adventures in the Land of Fate will be available PoD! Cue the applause! The not-so-good news: while we had been anticipating this decision, it still means a huge level of reformatting onContinue Reading

When you’re a real scholar, you don’t let little things like dying in a fiery crash or being transformed into an undead horror, a cute fuzzy mammal, or a sentient wrench(?!) slow you down for long. Welcome to Hamster Highlight, a column where we take a common or classic tropeContinue Reading

Darkness in the Land of Fate: Kraken worshippers, death cults, giant four-armed horrors of the deep, and more await! This supplement provides all you need to launch a nautically-themed campaign in the Land of Fate or a setting with a similar cultural background. Fully compatible with the core rules andContinue Reading

Presenting the sha’ir: a spellcaster whose ability comes from the asistance of an elemental familiar called a gen.  In Midnight in the CIty of Brass, our interpretation draws as heavily from the 2e source as possible while opening options to different classes. We took the approach of re-introducing characters kits, which allowsContinue Reading

Welcome to Hamster Highlight, a column where we take a common or classic trope and take it for a new spin. In keeping with our philosophy of Offbeat Encounters, we provide a few ideas on ways you could use these variant critters in your campaign. Take our ideas or leaveContinue Reading

Here is the finalized Table of Contents for Midnight in the City of Brass! Part adventure, part sourcebook, Midnight in the City of Brass includes everything you need to incorporate the fabulous and wicked efreet capitol into your campaign. The book includes a 28 page adventure, new monsters, new characterContinue Reading

MGSHP bestseller Offbeat Encounters is available now for a special Thanksgiving weekend price of only $2.65! That’s 33% off the regular price! This is a great time to grab your copy, if you haven’t yet! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Be well, and stay safe.