Update: Adventures in the Land of Fate

We’ve been quiet, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Adventures in the Land of Fate has undergone some pretty hefty changes since we started work on it, but we think you’ll agree they’re all for the better!

We’ll get to them all in time, but first and foremost:

1. The title of the book has changed. While we all love “Adventures in the Land of Fate,” we also need to make sure we can appeal to people who aren’t already fans of Al-Qadim (and might therefore not be familiar with the setting’s nickname). For that reason and just for clarity’s sake, the sourcebook will henceforth be called “Campaign Guide: Zakhara,” with “Adventures in the Land of Fate” as a subtitle.

2. The book keeps growing! Six months ago we were happy to reach 100 pages; now we sit comfortably over 250! While the page count isn’t QUITE finalized yet (see next item), this is going to be a hefty tome when we’re done!

3. It isn’t quite done yet; the introductory adventure is still being edited and playtested. The good news is, edits are complete on almost all of the rest of the book, and much of it is already in final layout. 3

4. We’ve known for a while that the painting we had been using for the cover image wasn’t going to work. It’s a great painting, but it just isn’t sharp enough for a book cover. After going through a number of revisions, we’re pretty happy with this one. What do you think?