This page contains an article series called GLOSS: Glorious Legends of Sorcery & Sword. The series intends to provide options and suggestions for creating characters and campaigns for fantasy tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGS), focusing mostly on Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC), published by Goodman Games. Unless otherwise noted, all mechanics refer to DCC.

  • GLOSS #1 – Reskinning DCC Demi-human Classes December 31, 2021
    The Dungeon Crawl Classics game includes seven character classes. Four are intended for humans, the Cleric, Thief, Warrior, and Wizard, and one each is provided ...
  • GLOSS #1 available for download at DrivethruRPG! February 26, 2022
    Hello, Hamsters! GLOSS #1 – DCC Demi-human Classes in a Sword & Sorcery Campaign is now available for download at Drivethru RPG! Get it here: ...
  • GLOSS #1 Now Available on! July 5, 2022
    No account with Drivethrurpg? No problem! You can now grab GLOSS #1: Reskinning DCC Demi-human Classes at our shop!