Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press offers an ever-expanding range of best-selling adventures and supplements, ranging from the definitive Fifth Edition update to the Al-Qadim setting to products expanding upon the continent of Zakhara to additional molds and slimes to populate your dungeons and harass your players to everything in between!

Our second publication for both the GLOSS line and the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG provides options for creating Catfolk, Dragonfolk, and Druid characters.
People of Zakhara: OgresPeople of Zakhara: Ogres provides everything you need to bring ogres to life in your campaign. Within you will find rules for player character ogres and half-ogres, discussions of how ogres’ unique natures fit in with society, ogre character traits, both well-documented and misunderstood, five fully detailed ogre NPC entries with statblocks, and more!
As the party emerges from a cavern, crypt, or similar environment, a merchant approaches, asking about one of the items they found within. It’s a long-lost scroll, the contents of which could reshape the political landscape of the land!

Written by Ahmed Aljabry, “Offbeat Encounters: The Lost Scroll” is a short scenario set in Zakhara, the land of Fate, but easily portable to any other desert area.  
GLOSS #1 - Demi-Human Classes in a Sword & Sorcery CampaignOur first publication for both the GLOSS line and the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG provides options for allowing Demi-human characters to take Human classes and vice versa.
Adventurer's Guide to Zakhara cover imageAdventurer’s Guide to Zakhara contains everything you wanted to know about creating a Zakharan character in 5e but were afraid to ask!
In this short, FREE Player’s Guide, we walk through making a Fifth Edition character based on the classic Al-Qadim setting, following the format of the 5e Player’s Handbook. We also provide encapsulated information on the cities and wastes of Zakhara, gods and faiths, equipment, and culture, making this a handy reference even for those who already own our other resources.
Campaign Guide: Zakhara - Adventures in the Land of Fate coverCampaign Guide: Zakhara – Adventures in the Land of Fate is your ticket to the wondrous land of Zakhara—a land of devious viziers, clever sha’irs, mischievous genies, and enough adventure to entertain you for 1,001 years or more! Separated from the rest of the Forgotten Realms by jagged cliffs and treacherous seas, Zakhara has a culture all its own—a culture inspired in equal parts by The Arabian Nights and Hollywood glamor. Whether you are a longtime fan with tons of old books and sourceboxes, a new traveler interested in the southern lands, or anywhere in between, Adventures in the Land of Fate has you covered.
Campaign Guide: Zakhara – Adventures in the Land of Fate – Now available for Fantasy Grounds!
Hamster Highlight: Four Flumphs in a Trenchcoat
Reports indicate that a large creature resembling an ogre has been wandering the countryside, but instead of terrifying the populace, it . . . heals people? 
Introducing EMKH, a collective of four psychically fused flumphs in a flimsy disguise, who wants nothing more than to bring healing and peace to everyone it meets!
Kazerabet's KeepsakesKazerabet’s Keepsakes: Delve into the archives of the dreaded Necromancer Queen Kazerabet herself and discover over 180 magical items and artifacts hailing from fabled Zakhara, the Land of Fate! Whether you are seeking themed items for an Al-Qadim game, another campaign based off the Arabian Nights, or just looking for new goodies for your 5e game, Kazerabet’s Keepsakes has what you need! Featuring every magical item officially published in Al-Qadim game materials and magazine articles, as well as material from the Complete Necromancer’s Handbook, converted and updated for the fifth edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.
Sea Devils of the Pale Hand: This supplement provides all you need to launch a nautically-themed campaign in the Land of Fate or a setting with a similar cultural background. Fully compatible with the core rules and the enhanced ship rules found in Ghosts of Saltmarsh, this book provides a wealth of information to enhance your seafaring game or provide a creepy atmosphere with a truly cold-blooded foe.
Whether you’re looking for a way to enhance your Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign or seeking new foes, ship types and equipment, Sea Devils of the Pale Hand has just what you need! 
Genies! Lovers! Monsters! Assassins! Fire! It’s all here!
Join us in the City of Brass, where wonder lies around every corner and even the lowliest beggar could be a demigod in disguise! This fully illustrated and bookmarked PDF contains a Tier 2 adventure module and a comprehensive sourcebook to the efreet capitol. Within it you will find a Tier 2 adventure, new subclasses, new character options, and more!
Come one, come all. The City of Brass awaits!
We know that look. That “If I need to come up with one more statblock for a loveable gigantic furry rodent on the fly I’m going to burrow into the ground so deeply they’ll never find me in a million years, then gnaw anxiously on a stove pipe” look.

You need help. You need Giant Hamsters from Outer Space!
White Agate’s Guide to Elemental Magic: This supplement organizes all  applicable officially published Fifth Edition spells into elemental groupings, allowing players and Dungeon Masters alike to easily select spells focused around the elemental provinces. As a bonus, we also present four elemental wizard subclasses, one each for Flame (Fire), Sand (Earth), Sea (Water), and Wind (Air). These subclasses are the same as those found in Campaign guide: Zakhara – Adventures in the Land of Fate.
This book will be regularly updated as new spells are published, so you always have the most up-to-date listings for elemental spells.
White Agate’s Guide to to Elemental Monoliths: Most practitioners of magic are familiar with elemental beings; creatures of air, earth, fire, and water are no secret to the learned. Far above these minor elemental beasts are the great Powers of the elemental planes: genie rulers, dark princes of Elemental Evil, capricious gods, and worse have left their marks upon moral consciousness. Between these two extremes, however, are the elemental monoliths. Comprising the same essence as their weaker brethren, monoliths lack the consciousness and shrewdness of true Powers but far eclipse their more famous cousins in might.
And now, the secrets of these great elementals are yours to command!  
Most creatures don’t think much about time as a concept, let alone as a physical realm. If you are (or want) to be the exception to that rule, Timewalkers is for you!  This short-and-sweet supplement offers an overview of the Plane of Time as well as four new subclasses, Information on the Order of Chronology Devoted, an organization dedicated to defending the natrual flow of the time, a method of cooperative magic, through which magic-users can send participants either backwards or forwards through the years, and more!
The Idol of Bala: An Adventure for Odysseys & Overlords
A group recently returned from an expedition into the Untamed Gauntlet bearing a stone tablet covered in strange and indecipherable runes. The Council of Laypersons expressed no interest in the tablet, but an elderly priest named Dendefsha was concerned that the markings could be heretical. Over long hours of study, Dendefsha concluded that the tablet detailed the way to a long-lost temple to Bala hidden deep in the Untamed Gauntlet – a temple likely to contain one of the rare white opal idols. Dendefsha has taken it as a personal duty to issue a Writ of Salvage to an adventuring party in secret, in hopes that the party will recover and return the long-lost idol.
MGSHP Maps: High quality maps you can use in your own campaigns or products!
The Rat-Catchers: A 1st-level adventure set in Zakhara but easily portable to your own campaign.

Important Note: this adventure is included in Campaign Guide: Zakhara – Adventures in the Land of Fate.
Monsters of Zakhara: a collection of creatures and NPCs hailing from the great peninsula of Zakhara, the Land of Fate! Within you will find genies, giants, ghuls, and more, all ready to populate your Fifth Edition campaign. The monsters contained here were originally published as part of the Al-Qadim campaign setting for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition in the early 1990s, updated the monsters for use in Fifth Edition games.

Important Note: this material is included in Campaign Guide: Zakhara – Adventures in the Land of Fate.
The Summer Magi: The heat of summer is warm and soothing, but also scorchingly hot and unforgiving. The Summer Magi revere both, and seek to make themselves in its image. They worship the summer’s greatness, which they call the Blaze. This book contains information on the Summer Magi – a group of nomads who travel the land, seeking always to be as bountiful and as merciless as the Blaze. It includes details on the culture and beliefs of the Summer Magi as well as new subclasses for clerics, sorcerers, and warlocks who follow its path. In addition, it includes game statistics for the saber, the symbol and sacred weapon of the Summer Magi.
Offbeat Encounters are unusual scenarios that provide a setup, an adversary, and a motivation, leaving the rest to you. Consisting of unorthodox approaches to both monsters and situations, Offbeat Encounters are the perfect addition to shake up any 5e game. This bookmarked, color PDF contains 10 scenarios ready to amuse you, torment your players, and provide fodder for stories you’ll reminisce about for years to come.
City of Ancient Mysteries: An overview of an offbeat adventure location or even a homebase for characters, consisting of strangely-built houses clustered together around an enormous egg-shaped structure. City of Ancient Mysteries is a full color, bookmarked PDF containing everything you need to add the village to your campaign, including an overview of the village location, geography, and populace, descriptions of major NPCs, descriptions of areas and locations in and around the village, rumors and plot hooks, an overhead map of the town, secrets of the ancient village, a monster appendix featuring the skum, foul fish-people engineered by the aboleth, and more!
A new take on the Clockwork Mage, for 5e!
Since its first appearance in “The Complete Sha’ir’s Handbook” in 1994, the Clockwork Mage has gripped the imagination of countless players looking for an alternative approach to using magic. Attempts to recreate the archetype since then have run into a puzzling design challenge, however; in its original conception, the Clockwork Mage didn’t cast spells, it used spell energy to power its creations. This document reimagines the Clockwork Mage as a Rogue archetype, using mechanical skill and tools to create fantastic clockwork creatures to guard, carry, and fight for them.
Oath of the CosmosA new paladin subclass focused around combat with aberrations, seen as agents to Lovecraftian elder evils.
Assets for the Adept CoverAssets for the Adept: a new type of spell-like option for characters and campaign development. The core rules provide guidelines on rewarding characters with an option called Supernatural Gifts – blessings and charms granted to characters for exceptional deeds or to prepare them for grave trials.  This document provides advice on how to use Supernatural Gfts as a plot device and reward, and includes suggestions on how to incorporate such Gifts as a world-building tool. In addition, it presents a new category of Supernatural Gift, one that sits between the others in power and is granted for the pursuit of a specific goal or task.  
Presenting the sha’ir: a spellcaster whose ability comes from the assistance of an elemental familiar called a gen. 

In Midnight in the City of Brass, our interpretation draws as heavily from the 2e source as possible while opening options to different classes. We took the approach of re-introducing characters Kits, which allows the sha’ir concept to be filled by many different characters – clerics, bards, and even non-spellcasters!
Additional Dungeon Hazards: new slimes and molds with which to populate your dungeons and harass your PCs! Included within are Bliss Mold, which cause intense euphoria when inhaled; Elfin Mold, which increases both spell power and resistance to spells; The Living Wall, formed of trapped essences damned to an eternity of maddening inaction and fueled by intense hatred of its creator; Mirage Blight, which fuddles the wits of creatures and makes them see safety instead of danger; Mire Mold, which saps the very strength from stone; Putrid Slime, which turns the air of any tunnel into a cloud of noxious fumes; and Umber Mold, which makes surfaces hazardously slippery  
Hamster Highlight: The Wight Stuff
When you’re a real scholar, you don’t let little things like dying in a fiery crash or being transformed into an undead horror, a cute fuzzy mammal, or a sentient wrench(?!) slow you down for long.
Hamster Highlight: The Gullet of Madness
When is a door not a door? When it’s THE GULLET OF MADNESS!
Hamster Highlight: The Sucking God
What’s better than a gelatinous cube? A GIANT GELATINOUS CUBE!
Hand Drawn Character Sheet for Classic Fantasy Games
This is a character sheet designed and hand-drawn by a 6 year old D&D player. It has space for a character’s name, Armor, Class, and Hit Points, and also lines to write in equipment or gear, treature, and a space to draw your character facing off against a boss monster atop a castle wall.