MGSHP Maps Now Available!

Hello, Hamsters!

We are excited to announce a new product line: MGSHP Maps! Featuring high-resolution (300 DPI) floor plans and maps for use in your game or products!

The first batch is available now: three warehouse maps and one map of a bath house/salon. Just $1 each, or get them all in a bundle for $3!

Giant Hamsters From Outer Space Preview: Wooly Rupert!

AVAILABLE NOW! Giant Hamsters from Outer Space! Here’s Zero Case, the Befuzzed Terror, The Giant Space Hamster of Ill Omen itself: Wooly Rupert! Get Rupert plus 22 other Giant Space Hamsters, plus 3 new subclasses, a new character race, and more! #dnd5e #DnD #OSR #ttrpgs

Update: Adventures in the Land of Fate

We’ve been quiet, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Adventures in the Land of Fate has undergone some pretty hefty changes since we started work on it, but we think you’ll agree they’re all for the better!

We’ll get to them all in time, but first and foremost:

1. The title of the book has changed. While we all love “Adventures in the Land of Fate,” we also need to make sure we can appeal to people who aren’t already fans of Al-Qadim (and might therefore not be familiar with the setting’s nickname). For that reason and just for clarity’s sake, the sourcebook will henceforth be called “Campaign Guide: Zakhara,” with “Adventures in the Land of Fate” as a subtitle.

2. The book keeps growing! Six months ago we were happy to reach 100 pages; now we sit comfortably over 250! While the page count isn’t QUITE finalized yet (see next item), this is going to be a hefty tome when we’re done!

3. It isn’t quite done yet; the introductory adventure is still being edited and playtested. The good news is, edits are complete on almost all of the rest of the book, and much of it is already in final layout. 3

4. We’ve known for a while that the painting we had been using for the cover image wasn’t going to work. It’s a great painting, but it just isn’t sharp enough for a book cover. After going through a number of revisions, we’re pretty happy with this one. What do you think?

Vizier’s Turban sample and Progress Report

How’s another weird monster sound? Here’s the Vizier’s Turban, a strange mix of creature, plot device, and magic item. Of all the monsters we’re including, This one took the longest to playtest and iron out. We’re happy with the end result; what do you think?

In other news: the monster chapter is DONE. Which means once the adventure finishes its final post-playtest edits, this book is off to the printers!

New Year, New Look, New Book!

Hello, Hamsters!

So we’re a bit late for a “New Year, New . . .” style post, but here we are.

The site got a bit of a facelift, as you can clearly see, and we have big plans for 2020. Let’s take a look:

  1. Adventures in the Land of Fate is almost done! The included adventure is going through final edits, and that should be it!

    Of course, that doesn’t mean the book will be out tomorrow, but it is coming in the very near future. It’s been a long six months, but we think you’ll agree the wait has been worth it.

    Here’s a preview of the revised front cover:


  2. This site is about to become far more active. Expect regular posts about game design, OSR development, and additional gaming material that can’t be found elsewhere.

  3. MGSHP will begin publishing ready-for play maps fo underserved areas such as caravanserais and other distinctly Desert/Middle Eastern influenced spaces. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the DriveThruRPG storefront!

    We also have a major development in store for 2021, and we will begin the lead-up to it probably starting in the third quarter of this year.

Adventures in the Land of Fate Update (PoD)!

Hello, Hamsters! We have good news and no-so-good news.

First and foremost, the good news: it’s looking like Adventures in the Land of Fate will be available PoD!

Cue the applause!

The not-so-good news: while we had been anticipating this decision, it still means a huge level of reformatting on our part. Our cover design had to change to meet the requirements, and we need to add other necessary elements such as the book spine and flyleaf pages, etc.

In addition to all that, we’ve added more actual content (including an introductory adventure and a map!), and we now anticipate the book will run 100-120 pages when complete. Note that this number has enormous potential to change based on a whole hot of factors, but it’s looking like we will be around that page count.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that we are once again a few weeks out from release , but given the reasons why I hope everyone is excited instead of disappointed! We are still planning on a pre-Christmas release for the book, so thank you for your patience and rest assured: we have a good thing coming.