Adventurer’s Guide To Zakhara

Available now: Adventurer’s Guide to Zakhara!

Everything you wanted to know about creating a Zakharan character in 5e but were afraid to ask!

In this short, handy, FREE Player’s Guide, we walk through making a Fifth Edition character based on the classic Al-Qadim setting – a setting based in equal parts on classic tales from The Arabian Nights and 1950s Hollywood glamor.

Following the format of the 5e Player’s Handbook, this guide walks you through selecting a race/ancestry, a character class, and even other options such as subclasses, kits and archetypes, drawing from a growing list of 5e resources. We also provide encapsulated information on the cities and wastes of Zakhara, gods and faiths, equipment, and culture, making this a handy reference even for those who already own our other resources.

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Magic Items and Healing Flumphs!

Available now: Kazerabet’s Keepsakes, Featuring over 180 magic items and artifacts, plus mundane equipment and weapons for Zakharan and other desert-focused campaigns, and Four Flumphs in a Trenchcoat!, featuring a psychically-fused collective of flumphs in a thin disguise who wanders the world, healing everyone it encounters.–Over-180-Magic-Items-and-Artifacts-for-AlQadim-and-Forgotten-Realms-Campaigns

Kazerabet’s Keepsakes

From the archives of the dreaded Necromancer Queen Kazerabet herself come over 180 magical items and artifacts hailing from fabled Zakhara, the Land of Fate! Whether you are seeking themed items for an Al-Qadim game, another campaign based off the Arabian Nights, or just looking for new goodies for your 5e game, Kazerabet’s Keepsakes has what you need!

Featuring every magical item officially published in Al-Qadim game materials and magazine articles, as well as material from the Complete Necromancer’s Handbook, converted and updated for the fifth edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Kazerabet’s Keepsakes also includes common equipment appropriate for such a campaign and Zakharan names for previously published items.

MGSHP Maps Now Available!

Hello, Hamsters!

We are excited to announce a new product line: MGSHP Maps! Featuring high-resolution (300 DPI) floor plans and maps for use in your game or products!

The first batch is available now: three warehouse maps and one map of a bath house/salon. Just $1 each, or get them all in a bundle for $3!