Free Download: The Sha’ir

Presenting the sha’ir: a spellcaster whose ability comes from the asistance of an elemental familiar called a gen. 

In Midnight in the CIty of Brass, our interpretation draws as heavily from the 2e source as possible while opening options to different classes. We took the approach of re-introducing characters kits, which allows the sha’ir concept to be filled by many different characters – clerics, bards, and even non-spellcasters!

Since even before the release of Midnight in the City of Brass, questions circled about our approch to the sha’ir. In this document we explain our line of thinking and present three different approaches: a new wizard arcane tradition (appearing here for the first time), a warlock patron and pact as they appeared in Midnight in the City of Brass, and a suggestion for a genie-blooded sorcerer (which is detailed in Midnight in the City of Brass).