Sea Devils of the Pale Hand

Darkness in the Land of Fate: Kraken worshippers, death cults, giant four-armed horrors of the deep, and more await!

This supplement provides all you need to launch a nautically-themed campaign in the Land of Fate or a setting with a similar cultural background. Fully compatible with the core rules and the enhanced ship rules found in Ghosts of Saltmarsh, this book provides a wealth of information to enhance your seafaring game or provide a creepy atmosphere with a truly cold-blooded foe.

This 28 page bookmarked supplement includes the following:

  • information on the sahuagin of Zakhara and how they differ from those in other lands
  • new sahuagin equipment, including ink bombs and nasty poisons
  • new player options such as Zakharan equipment names, a new faction, and a new kit
  • 7 new monster stat blocks  
  • a variant sahuagin culture that worships a powerful albino kraken
  • a variant locathah culture that includes death priests
  • information on the seas of Zakhara
  • Zakharan ship types and how to map them to standard ships from the core rules 
  • advice on creating a creepy environment and wrapping it around other adventures

Whether you’re looking for a way to enhance your Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign or seeking new foes, ship types and equipment, Sea Devils of the Pale Hand has just what you need! 

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