Upcoming Releases: The Summer Magi and Midnight in the City of Brass

Coming Soon from Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press: The Summer Magi and Midnight in the City of Brass!

The Summer Magi describes a nomadic group of poets, warriors, and philosophers bound by their devotion to the Blaze – a force they view as embodying the bounty and the ruthlessness of the summer. This 9-page color PDF includes a description of the Summer Magi and their ways, new subclasses for clerics, sorcerers, an warlocks, and a new weapon. Coming in mid-September 2018!

Midnight in the City of Brass is a Tier Two (Levels 5 to 7) adventure module as well as a sourcebook, and includes a full-size color digital poster map of the legendary City or Brass. A daring assassination! A lovelorn physician! A sneaky salamander! A festival that starts at just the wrong time! A race against time to save a noble house and avoid years of servitude! All this and more, along with everything a Game Master needs to add the romance, excitement, and danger of the most dangerous metropolis in the Multiverse to their campaign.

The adventure starts when the party is accidentally summoned by an efreeti sorceress seeking to perfect a new spell, and proceeds through layers of intrigue and great feats of derring-do fit for the tales of the most eloquent bards. Coming in early 2019!