Midnight in the City of Brass is Available Now!

It’s an adventure! It’s a sourcebook! It has lovers! It has monsters! It has player options! It has a poster map! It has plot hooks! It is . . . Midnight in the City of Brass!

This 86 page color, bookmarked PDF contains everything you need to bring your players to the efreet capitol and entertain them while they’re there.

Summoned by an experimental spell and witness to an assassination, the PCs have three days to find an antidote to a powerful poison or remain as slaves to a cruel efreeti noble. Along the way, they will meet a lovelorn genie who longs for the affection of a devil princess, a human expatriate whose prophetic abilities couldn’t save him from the Grand Sultan, and the sinister followers of a disguised fiend.

Midnight in the City of Brass includes:
– A 32-page Tier 2 adventure balanced for 6th level characters!
– A comprehensive guide to the City of Brass, including notes on its laws and customs!
– descriptions and hooks for more than 20 districts and quarters in the city and its surroundings, including almost 100 keyed locations!
– 9 new monster entries, including 13 stat blocks and variants!
– 3 new subclasses!
– A new player option called a character “Kit,” which is similar to a Background but adds depth to a character later in their adventuring career!
– An ANSI E (34″ x 44″) sized digital poster map of the City of Brass, with a labeled and unlabeled option for both full color and printer friendly versions!

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