New Year, New Look, New Book!

Hello, Hamsters!

So we’re a bit late for a “New Year, New . . .” style post, but here we are.

The site got a bit of a facelift, as you can clearly see, and we have big plans for 2020. Let’s take a look:

  1. Adventures in the Land of Fate is almost done! The included adventure is going through final edits, and that should be it!

    Of course, that doesn’t mean the book will be out tomorrow, but it is coming in the very near future. It’s been a long six months, but we think you’ll agree the wait has been worth it.

    Here’s a preview of the revised front cover:


  2. This site is about to become far more active. Expect regular posts about game design, OSR development, and additional gaming material that can’t be found elsewhere.

  3. MGSHP will begin publishing ready-for play maps fo underserved areas such as caravanserais and other distinctly Desert/Middle Eastern influenced spaces. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the DriveThruRPG storefront!

    We also have a major development in store for 2021, and we will begin the lead-up to it probably starting in the third quarter of this year.